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Epique Sonic Cleansing Pod

Epique Sonic Cleansing Pod

Sonic Cleansing Pod for Mature Skin- Deep & Gentle, Ultra-hygienic & Intra-dermal Cleansing in just 1 min.

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Product Overview

Now enjoy a complete facial cleansing experience for a smoother, clearer and glowing skin from the comfort of your home.
The Epique Sonic Cleansing Pod is a palm-sized portable skincare device that delivers deep yet gentle facial cleansing using advanced trans-dermal sonic technology in just 1 minute. It applies gentle pulsations to your skin using specially designed silicone micro-fingers and massaging your facial muscles to boost circulation and also enhancing the absorption of your skincare products.

Dermatologically Tested
Packed with
Sulphate & Paraben-Free
Cruelty Free

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Apply cleanser onto face. Wet the Epique Sonic Cleansing Pod and turn on the device by pressing the center button once. Adjust the vibration intensity by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘buttons to the strength suitable for your skin.

Gently glide the device in circular motions over your face for 1 min. Cleanse all 4 facial zones (chin, cheeks, forehead, nose & under eye regions) using gentle circular outward motions. Adjust the pulsation intensity as desired.

Rinse and dry your face. Apply skin care products, if desired. Clean device with soap & clear water.

Your Daily Mature Skincare Regimen

Stay agelessly beautiful with Epique's specially fingerprinted high performance "Phyto-Concentrates" formula targted for the needs of mature skin