Skin will Love Phyto-concentrates

Why your Skin will Love ‘Phyto-concentrates’

Mature skin needs highly effective, yet gentle solutions, to address the cumulative damage caused over time by weather, stress, hormonal changes and pollution.
While natural solutions are the safest for mature skin care, not all of them are effective. The efficacy of a natural skincare solution depends upon the concentration levels of the plant extracts infused into the solution.
Low concentration plant extracts do not have the power to act and create beneficial results. In such cases it’s usually the other synthetic ingredients put in the solution that act on the skin.
However, high-potency plant extracts, which is what ‘Phyto-concentrates’ are, have the required high concentration needed to act on the skin and reverse the damage caused over time.
All Epique ‘Phyto-concentrates’ have been clinically tested to effectively address mature skincare concerns. So with Epique, you can be sure that it is the natural ‘Phyto-concentrates’ that are creating a beneficial impact on your skin, and not any synthetic ingredients.
The power of nature

The Power of Nature, Extracted

‘Phyto-concentrates’ (high-potency plant extracts) have been developed by Epique in Switzerland using a proprietary process:

  1. Highest quality herbs grown under ideal soil and climatic conditions are sourced from across the world.
  2. This is followed by temperature controlled extraction of active ingredients using a proprietary technology that preserves their natural strength.
  3. The resultant high-potency plant extracts, are infused into the relevant Epique solutions.