5 Proven & Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of "Tech Neck" Lines!

5 Proven & Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of "Tech Neck" Lines!

5 Proven & Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of "Tech Neck" Lines!

Sagging skin / September 01, 2022 / Post by Skin Concerns

In offices, on a busy bus stop or at cafes, you’ll often find people peering into their phones for countless hours. Our devices constantly seek our attention with notifications, emails or just mindless browsing.

While technology may have simplified our life, there’s no denying that it can negatively impact our health. And one of the problems one may often face is tech neck lines. Here are some effective suggestions if you are suffering from tech neck. 

What is Tech Neck & What Causes It?

Tech neck is a loosely used term that refers to a host of issues – but the most prominent symptom is visible signs of ageing and lines in the neck area. Tech neck can also include persistent cervical and shoulder pain.

As a habit, we often look down at our screens several times throughout the day and, in many cases, for several hours. This action puts a lot of pressure on our neck muscles and the skin around them. It also causes horizontal lines around the neck region, which become prominent over a period of time. 

According to a study published recently, Indians spent almost 5 hours on their mobile phones. The pandemic has also added to an increase in our screen time. For the last two years, we’ve been stuck in our homes where many hours are spent working or browsing the internet. 

Your sleeping position can also cause tech neck or necklines. People who sleep on their backs or use multiple pillows can also get fine lines and wrinkles on their necks. This, coupled with technology, can cause the lines to get deeper. 

Here’s how to reduce tech neck lines.

How to Fix Tech Neck?

Tech neck can start developing as early as in your 20s. So it’s important to make sure you’re aware of the ways you can reduce tech necklines. 

1. Fix your sleeping posture

If you prefer a high pillow or sleep on multiple pillows, you may want to switch it up for a single pillow. We spend about 7-8 hours on sleep on average, which means using the right pillow is essential. If your neck is bent for a longer time, it may develop wrinkles and necklines. 

2. Moisturise every day

Moisturising your skin regularly has numerous benefits. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, dry and damaged skin may lead to developing lines early on. A firming moisturising cream may be more beneficial in helping you get rid of tech neck. Try Epique’s Sculpting and Firming Cream, which is infused with Phyto-Concentrates and has been specially developed for mature skin. The cream helps visibly lift, firm, sculpt and contour around the fragile neck area, cheeks and jawline. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and improves skin hydration and micro-circulation. 

3. Apply sunscreen on your neck

You may be regular with sunscreen usage on your face, but many tend to miss the neck region. Not only does the use of sunscreen helps prevent early ageing, but it also helps you correct tech neck lines. Try Epique’s Advanced UV Protection System, which is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no white residue. Infused with Phyto-Concentrates, this powerful formula helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

4. Fix your posture during phone usage

We hang our heads over our phones, but it’s not the ideal way of using your device. Bring your device to eye level or use a stand while browsing your phone. Your laptop should also be placed at eye level so you’re not forced to look down, causing strain on your neck. 

5. Exercises for your neck

Here are some tech neck exercises to help prevent and fix those pesky lines. These exercises will help you strengthen the muscles around your neck. 

  • Open up your shoulders and look up while stretching your neck. 
  • Practice downward dog by going on all fours and pushing your neck down.
  • Line flat on your stomach, hold your legs and stretch for 10 seconds.

Combining all of the above techniques will certainly help you get rid of tech neck. But most importantly, remember to always enjoy the skin you are in and stay Beauty Eternal.

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